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The Benefits of Digital over Analogue Video

CCTV Camera over Anchor Security Warning SignWe are often asked by clients what are some of the benefits of digital over analogue video. Below is a collection of them.

  • IP Networking and video management expand the capabilities of video surveillance –  This means that rather than just watching surveillance, the technology collects data and improves an organisation’s operations.
  • It provides so many performance and cost-saving advantages.
  • It enables camera placement practically anywhere on the network.  Cameras can be connected and networked just like a computer or any other network device.
  • There is no need for complicated hardware and dedicated monitors.
  • You can increase frame rates and storage any time.
  • Live camera feeds can be accessed from any authorised computer, laptop or device including smart phones.
  • IP network cameras can provide up to 16 times more resolution than analogue cameras.  This will enable the client to see far more definition and detail than ever before.
  • More manageable file sizes apply, which means less storage space required for footage.  We can typically achieve a 40-50% reduction in file size
  • Open platform software means we can pick and choose which surveillance software we use, dependent on budget and needs
  • Automatic backup functions means you are always covered
  • Overall superior image quality

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