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The 3 things you need to know about Gatecrashers at Northern Beaches Private Parties

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The rise of social media and decrease of respect amongst the younger generations has meant that private parties are now riskier than ever before.  Private parties can be a huge success and can be a wonderful way to commemorate significant milestones, but not without a strong plan and strong team in place to ensure the even’ts success.

1. Gatecrashers have no respect

It’s not the police’s responsibility to provide security for parties; meaning families are turning to Sydney security companies like Anchor Security to ward away danger before it starts to gets out of control.

Gatecrashers will swear, throw projectiles, and destroy property, all because you’ve exercised your right to refused them entry to your property.

As engaging with gatecrashers could inflame the situation, having security officers who have had training and experience in dealing with aggressive and hostile invaders is critical. 

2) Gatecrashers don’t discriminate

Take the leafy residential suburb of Balgowlah Heights for example, where only a few weeks ago, 40 police officers were required to move on gatecrashers at an 18th Birthday.  For their efforts, two of the police offers were injured

Gatecrashers throw bricks at girl’s heads and poles through boy’s skulls. The actions of gatecrashers aren’t thought through, and to them, the potential consequences are irrelevant.

3) It’s USUALLY what’s on the outside that matters

It’s a notion that’s frequently brought up, but while parents think they have a good group of kids coming to their home, its less likely to be the invited guests that cause the problems. While there is occasionally some interplay between those on the inside and those on the outside, the problems usually come from the outside and need to be dealt with before they get inside.

What you can do to prevent gatecrashers and manage the risks associated with them:

We recommend that all party-planners that book Anchor Security Guards also register their party on the NSW Police Force’s Party Safety Webpage (formally MyNite), that notifies police of events in their local area. The Police are a valuable resource that can liaise with you and your security provider to manage dynamic situations.

Party-planners should also download and follow the Party Planners Tips pack to make sure they cover all the bases for a successful night. After all, failing to plan, is planning to fail.

If you do choose to book private security, we have a number of tips that we can assist with, and will discuss whether you require a guest list, different coloured wrist bands and the option of our security dogs which are a low cost asset that quickly encourages the uninvited to move on.

Whether you choose to book Anchor Security or not, we wish you a safe and happy event.

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