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SmokeCloak Case Study: Minto Service Station

SmokeCloak Security System

A Wall-Mounted SmokeCloak Unit. Units can also be installed from ceilings.

Early in 2012, a service station in Minto, Sydney’s South West, was a recurrent victim of burglary – every six to eight weeks the same criminals would break in and steal stock.

The masked gang attacked the property the same way each time. They would enter by breaking through a window, crack open the cigarette cabinet using a crowbar, grab what stock they could, and flee with the stolen goods.

This cycle was broken when the owners took a strong, pro-active step towards protecting their assets and profits – They had Anchor Security install a SmokeCloak Anti-theft Security System.

When the gang returned and attempted to steal from the service station after the Smoke Cloak system was installed, they panicked, failed to break into the stock cabinet, and have never returned since.

Don’t allow yourself to be victimised.

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