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Smoke Cloak Systems Can Stop Revictimisation

Statistics from a Police Crime Prevention “Break and Enter” Background paper show that most re-victimisation occurs four to five weeks after the initial burglary. When burglars know what you have, where you have it, and just how vulnerable you are, they return and become more efficient at it.

The cost of a burglary to a business  is often high; there is usually the replacement cost of windows, doors, and locks that have been damaged; there is the loss of stock and subsequent profits, and for some, there is an increase in insurance premiums. For many commercial and industrial business, re-victimisation is a common problem, but it isn’t without a solution.

“If you can’t see it, you can’t steal it.”

Smoke Cloak systems provide an immediate response to a break-in by preventing would-be robbers from being able to see their targets – A rapid stream of fog is pumped into the room, and within 30 seconds visibility is reduced to practically zero. It’s a system that has delivered results for banks, jewellers, liquor stores, and so many more businesses, time and time again.

The directional application of the fog means that intruders are immediately forced out, reducing the risk to any staff that may be present if triggered during business hours. The fog is harmless to breathe and leaves no residue; ensuring your assets are quickly secured without exposure to harmful elements.

Smoke Cloak systems can be integrated in to your existing alarm systems so they can be activated by your staff if they are under duress, or when a break-in is detected.

Proven Results with Smoke Cloak

Smoke Cloak in an Office

Smoke Cloak in an Office

As an example, earlier in 2012, a service station in Minto was being regularly burgled. They experienced the same burglary every six to eight weeks.  The masked gang attacked the property the same way each time; they would enter by breaking a window  and within minutes, crack open the cigarette cabinet, grab what they could, and would flee with the stolen goods.

This cycle was broken when the owners took a pro-active step towards protecting their assets and profits – They installed a Smoke Cloak system.

When the gang attempted to steal from the service station after the Smoke Cloak system was installed, they failed and have since never returned.

Protect your property – Anchor it!

Anchor Security are Smoke Cloaks’ preferred Sydney installer. We’ve installed them in banks, warehouses, technology firms, and retail outlets – and we continue to get asked to install Smoke Cloak because we do high-quality work with a system that provides a strong security solution.

Call 1300 30 28 29 for a quote – Your assets will be better protected with it.

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