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Security Alarm Systems: The five things you should be considering to get the most out of your system

If you’re looking at having a security system installed, it should be providing you an assurance of safety while being reliable and easy to operate. The marketplace is full of many systems of varying quality and reliability, and ensuring you get one that can be repaired or serviced is key to seeing your money being well spent.

There are several aspects of your new system that you need to consider.

Is it Easy to Use

There are a vast array? of security systems available to choose from; while some can be relatively simple to use, some can be poorly designed and are not intuitive to use.

Is it technologically Progressive

What kind of technology is used in the system you are considering? Do you have expertise in the area to know what are the latest security products on the market, or could you be buying an out-dated system that is no longer being supported by the manufacturer?

How Reliable & Secure is it?

Ensuring your system has a high-quality construction that adheres to, or exceeds the Australian Standards will ensure your product will last through tough weather and withstand substantially more abuse than if you go with a cheap knock-off product.

Are you using a back-to-base service? If you don’t intend to, carefully reconsider. Monitoring services offer great benefits, especially when the statistically most domestic break-and-enters occur in the mid-morning.

Does it use Open Standards?

Security Product Manufacturers are working together to bring a broader range of products by supporting the inter-connectivity of their products with the products of others. “Off-the-shelf” systems do not generally support this, and you may find you need a different kind of Security Camera, but it isn’t supported by your DVR.

Is it Appropriate, but Expandable?

What are the prospects your system can be upgraded should you renovate? Can you add additional devices? How many can you add before you have to buy an “Expander”? Are expanders supported by your prospective system?

Consider the above when asking questions about your prospective security system to ensure you make your home more secure and get value for money.

Also consider if you are getting a system cheaply because of an extended lock-in contract with a monitoring service.

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