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Seaforth: House Break-in and Car Theft

Houses in Narraweena, who were recently hit by crime, can prevent break-and-enters by having an Alarm System InstalledA home in Seaforth’s Kempbridge Avenue is one of the latest break-ins Police are investigating on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The home was broken in to between 11:15am and 12:30pm, with electronic goods stolen. Amongst other goods that were stolen were the keys to the car, which was later found in another part of Seaforth.

Less than 45 percent of homes in Australia have basic security measures in place. If you do have an alarm system installed, please ensure it is turned on.

If you have not done so, ensure your Alarm System is maintained on an annual basis to ensure it is working to keep you and your assets protected, and actively deterring potential thieves.

If you’d like Anchor Security Window Stickers to compliment your alarm system, please call 1300 30 28 29.

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