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Private Party Security – Can you afford not to book it?


Gatecrasher attack Sydney

Gatecrashers hit girl with a brick. Source: Daily Telegraph

Several times a week we screen calls for security guards, and the first question is “How much does it cost for security guards for a party”, and then followed by the next question “do we need security for our private party”. Of course, we know the answer to both, especially whether you really need security for your party.

So often we are fielding calls from hosts, who are allowing the kids (yes, we classify 18 year olds as kids – and newsflash – so do their parents) to have parties at their homes.  Parents see the advantages of having the party at home.  They can see what the kids get up to, they believe they will behave well in front of the (real) adults etc.  But often times, the reasons they are having the 16th, 18th, 21st, formal after parties etc at home is because there are not many public function places that will allow parties – especially 18ths.   This begs the question as to why?

Ask any parents – they’ll tell you their kids are well behaved.  Yes, most kids are well behaved when parents are forking out for a party, but even the best spawn can get a little loose off the back of too much alcohol, peer pressure and the adrenalin from turning the illustrious age where they become an adult.   But (as usual) the parents are right, their kids are usually  well behaved.  However – it’s not necessarily the invited guests that cause the problems.  It’s the univited, the gatecrashers and keeping the gatecrashers away, and the party goers safe is where we can add significant value.

Enter the story of Liam Knight,  who while attending his friend’s 18th birthday party in the respectable suburb of Forestville on Sydney’s northern beaches  in January 2013 – was struck in the head by a pole thrown from the roof of a shed by a gatecrasher.  The 3 metre pole that was embedded in Liam’s head had to be removed by emergency surgery, and now Liam has been left with permanent brain damage, epilepsy and cognitive impairment.

And gatecrashers don’t discriminate between gender.   On the 6th of June in what the Daily Telegraph labels “a quiet gathering of teenage friends at a family home” a 16 year old girl was hit in the face by a brick being thrown from 16 year old gatecrashers jumped over the fence to their home and began throwing bricks and chairs at them.

These situations are not uncommon and unfortunately can be prevented.  So the question is, not if you can afford it – but if you can afford not to get it.  Yes there are what we in the industry call ‘shirt fillers’ who will  work as an individual wearing a security shirt and not actually fulfilling the role of providing security.  If you are after a cheap shirt filler, do not contact us.  Anchor Security will only provide fully capable and equipped staff who have a breadth of experience which will mean you can actually enjoy the party.  We supply security guards for local pubs and clubs and have the ability to quickly diffuse situations without them getting out of hand.  If you’d like to ensure your party is a success contact us to discuss on 1300 30 28 29.


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