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Prevent Damage with Graffitti Detection Technology

With the cost of cleaning up Graffiti costing Australians $260 million dollars a year, the use of an “Electronic Nose” is becoming the latest technology being implemented at sites experiencing repeated vandalism.

Suitable markets and applications include council buildings or monuments, secluded commercial and industrial estates, and construction sites.

The technology, which can recognise a four second burst of spray paint at 45 meters, can be integrated in to an alarm system to notify a response team, CCTV to capture images and video, reactive lighting to bring attention to the area, and/or water sprays to wet the area and destroy the “canvas”.

Systems can be tied in to an SMS module to alert the appropriate authorities, whether that be your security company or council rangers within seconds of an attack, allowing an informed and rapid response to be co-ordinated.

With an effective range of over 50 meters, the robust weather-proof system provides around-the-clock detection, and is proving to be powerful deterrent, even just by being appropriately sign-posted.

Systems can be deployed permanently or short-term.

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