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Police call in riot squad to break up party

Northern Beaches Police have again warned people of the dangers of promoting parties on social media after a number of parties got out of hand at the weekend, with buses arranged to disperse the youths from the area to make sure they got home safely.

In the most serious incident, the riot squad had to be called to disperse a dance party in the sand dunes at Long Reef.

Manly crime manager Insp Luke Arthurs said another three parties at Balgowlah, Seaforth and Clontarf had to be broken up by Manly police because they were causing problems for neighbours.

Parents are urged to obtain a Safe Party package from the police and notify them of parties in advance; in the package it recommends hiring private security to prevent gatecrashers.

Northern Beaches crime manager Inspector Craig Wonders said police were called to Long Reef at 9pm on Saturday following reports of loud music and youths causing trouble.

When the police arrived at the scene, they saw a large number of the youths were intoxicated. He said some of the youths threw bottles at the police but no one was injured. Insp Wonders said the party, which included DJ equipment, speakers, power generators and laser lighting, had been advertised through social media networks and SMS messages.

The original article first appeared on the Manly Daily’s crime section.

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