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Improving Home Security: For New Home Owners

As a new home owner, you may be wondering how you can ensure the safety of your family and protect your assets.

We recommend taking the following actions:

  • Replace ALL of your locks.
  • People have been stung by previous tenants entering using a spare set of keys for the property they’ve just bought.

    By changing all the locks, you can have solid peace of mind that you’re the ones holding the keys to your new home – it might also give you the opportunity to upgrade the kind of locks, too!

  • Check your windows and doors
  • If you have sliding windows, having threshold bolts installed can help prevent burglars from easily gaining access through any windows you may leave open.

    If you have sliding doors, are they secure enough to prevent someone gaining access by simply lifting up the doors off the rails?

  • Consider Installing a home alarm.
  • You may wish to use a DIY kit from a local electronics store, or have one professionally installed.

    If your home already has an alarm, it may have “back-to-base” capabilities, which means you can be notified if your alarm is triggered, even if you’re away at work or on a holiday.

    Or, if the home already has a home alarm you may wish to set up a home alarm monitoring service with a local security company.

  • Don’t forget your Shed
  • Sheds often house hundreds of dollars worth of tools and equipment. Ensure your locks are weather resistant; good quality, solid locks are always the best choice for your shed.

  • Check your Fence & Gates
  • Ensure your fence is secure and has integrity. If you have a gate, does it have a lock? Is it secure? Garden gates are infrequently used, but are a frequently-used access point for burglars. Having a key nearby can be handy – but PLEASE don’t put it under a rock; it will the first place burglars will look.

  • Break Down Moving Boxes
  • Destroy or pack away boxes used for moving so you don’t call attention to the fact that your home is now full; this is especially important if you have just got new appliances delivered, like a Flatscreen TV.

    Many security companies can offer a free security assessment; by contacting a local company with knowledge about the local trends and risks, you’ll be able to get the most out of these services.

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