Anchor Security » Identity Theft: Raiders of the Unsecured Letterboxes

Identity Theft: Raiders of the Unsecured Letterboxes

Aired in Australia on Channel 9’s “A Current Affair” program.

Take away tips:

  • Invest in a solidly built letterbox with a one-way security flap.
  • Don’t leave mail laying about, and ensure you check for mail every afternoon.
  • Don’t give any information to anyone calling you claiming to be your bank; always call the bank on their official number.
  • More on Security Cameras

    CCTV Systems can work as a deterrent, and also assist in convicting criminals after the crime.

    While it may be cheap and convenient to purchase off-the-shelf cameras, image quality is critical when you need to use it as evidence. Most some consumer stores sell cameras that have a maximum resolution of 720p, with most cameras being sold at resolutions much lower than this.

    Consider if your intentions are only to deter, or if you want to deter and prosecute an offender, should they decide to proceed with committing a crime.


    You may also wish to consider Videofied to monitor your letterbox.

    When activated, a monitoring center will receive images of your location and can immediately dispatch a response in the event of a crime.

    For more information or a free assessment and an obligation-free quote, call Anchor Security on 1300 30 28 29.

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