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Are CCTV cameras worth installing?

20130801-074819.jpgThe evidence that CCTV Security Systems are a deterrent is complicated as CCTV cameras are installed with different intended outcomes. Sometimes they are intended to prevent crime, and sometimes to identify criminals after the fact.

While the ability of a CCTV system to provide information after a crime has occurred is viewed by some as useless because the crime has already occurred, others see this information as important and intrinsic to providing the best chance of recovering any stolen goods and useful in the pursuit of the criminals themselves.

20130731-080744.jpgHowever you feel however, for your own security and peace of mind, ensure you use a installer who holds a Security Master License, as how a camera is installed will greatly affect how effective they are at achieving either outcome, and may even affect your insurance.

CCTV cameras are frequently used to identify theft by customers and staff in retail locations, graffiti and other vandalism in secluded areas, and are used as a identification method in commercial settings.

As a good security solution should be a tailored combination of defensive and offensive strategies, and CCTV systems are a technology that can be both, they continue to be considered a worthwhile investment and is one of the top security-related keywords being used by security conscious individuals and businesses through-out Australia.

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