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Alarm System FAQ: Can I get a discount on my insurance policy?

Yes! Given the evidence, insurance companies know that your chance of being the victim of a burglary is reduced by the installation of a Security Alarm System. Because of the reduced likelihood of an insurance claim on stolen property, many insurance companies are willing to provide customers who have an alarm system installed, a discount…

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Alarm System FAQ: Pet Friendly Sensors?

If you have a pet, you CAN still have a security system installed. Simply let us know that you have indoor pets at the time of quotation and we will advise you on the most suitable sensors for your premises, and their placement.

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Alarm System FAQ: Can I use my alarm whilst at home or sleeping?

Yes. We can install and program your alarm system so that it can be activated in “stay” mode, which will arm selected areas of your home whilst leaving other areas turned off – allowing you to move around some, or all of your home, while keeping the perimeter armed. If you let us know that you…

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